UX Design

in partnership with Talent Garden Innovation School
Become an expert Ux Designer to design a smart, fast and intuitive user experience which is able to satisfy the needs and wants of users


Our Executive Master in UX Design, in partnership with Talent Garden Innovation School, offers participants the necessary tools to strategically design the user experience, analyzing how people perceive a given experience, digital or otherwise.

The UX Designer comes up with effective solutions for design problems, ensuring smooth usability with a high conversion rate.

At the end of the Master, therefore, students will be UX Designers able to:

  • Identify users’ needs and validate their behaviors
  • Define user requirements for the creation of highly usable and accessible interactive systems
  • Apply the most recent Human Centered Design methodologies;
  • Understand the logic of prototyping tools and use Axure and Figma professionally
  • Implement a static and dynamic prototype
  • Read and interpret HTML and CSS
  • Manage the process of a project independently
  • Create their own project from scratch and know how to present it in public

In addition to technical skills, the Master includes a Career Boost path that prepares you and brings you closer to the job market, to get you started immediately in your career as a UX Designer.

At the end of the course, participants will get 24 ECTS



Rome/Milan | Online


28 March 2022 - 04 July 2022


14 weeks


Da lunedì al venerdì
dalle 9.00 alle 13.00
lezione live
3 settimane in presenza,
 il resto online

dalle 14.00 alle 18.00
studio individuale


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At the end of the Executive Master, students will be issued a Certificate of Participation in the Executive Master in ``UX DESIGN`` and a Certificate of Acquired Skills by the Pantheon Design & Technology Institute and the Talent Garden Innovation School.


Our Executive Master guarantees participants all the necessary skills to become a professional UX Designer who is able to design and create intuitive and effective web interfaces and apps, aimed at achieving business objectives.



14 weeks

UX Intro, Research & Mapping

Students will learn about users by analyzing their needs and wants. They will learn about User Research, behavioral analysis and experience analysis and understand the meaning of concepts such as Personas and User Journey.

Skills that will be acquired:

  • Defining a research protocol
  • Conducting user research and profile them
  • Mapping and analyzing the different user experiences

Tools & Methodologies Tools & Methodologies

  • Discovery interview
  • Surveys
  • Guerrilla UX
  • Journey mapping

Human Factor, Interaction Design & introduction to Prototyping

Students will study the recent approaches of research and design of human-machine interaction, which are useful for translating the complexity of interactive systems into pleasant and usable user experiences with fluidity. They will learn about Human-Computer Interaction models and will deepen the concepts of Cognitive Psychology & Ergonomics and iterative design. Finally, they will deal with the themes of typography, grids, icons and language.

Skills that will be acquired:

  • Knowing the principles of human-machine interaction. Defining user objectives and develop tailor-made solutions
  • Analyzing tasks
  • Making prototypes

Tools & Methodologies

  • Scenario based design
  • Multimodal design
  • Static prototyping
  • Dynamic prototyping with advanced tools (Axure)
  • Mocking (Invision Studio)

Prototyping & Information Architecture

Students will find out how to organize information in a better way in order to build an effective cognitive path for the user. They will also learn about mind mapping, labeling and taxonomy and will deepen the main search and navigation mechanisms.

Skills that will be acquired:

  • Analyzing and rationalizing a large amount of data and information
  • Developing an information architecture
  • Conceiving a taxonomy

Tools & Methodologies

  • Card sorting
  • Data modeling
  • Design patterns

Information Architecture, UI Design & Usability Engineering

Students will learn how to test interface solutions to make them more user-friendly, thanks to UI Design principles, guidelines and best practices. They will discover the most used tools and protocols (cognitive walkthrough, cognitive task analysis, think-a-loud), what the RITE method consists of and the various test evaluation methods.

Skills that will be acquired

  • Testing and implementing user-friendly solutions
  • Validating concepts

Tools & Methodologies

  • Formal usability test
  • Agile testing

UI Design & Visual Communication

Students will learn how to use visual components to integrate brand experience elements into their designs. They will learn the concepts of visual & motion design and how they flow into the process of working on the digital product.

Skills that will be acquired

  • Integrating the brand experience into one’ projects
  • Conceiving layouts and grids
  • Making the best use of typography and color elements
  • Applying animation techniques

Tools & Methodologies

  • SUI drawing tools
  • Digital brand design

UX Management

You will study how to organize work the best in order to create user experiences that can create a real competitive advantage for the company, taking into account the current regulations and the legal context.

Skills that will be acquired

  • Organizing work effectively
  • Managing constraints linked to current policies and elements of compliance

Tools & Methodologies

  • Design sprint
  • Lean UX & Agile


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